City Pride School being a Konkani Linguistic School, Konkani Linguistic students will be given direct admission for LKG Class::City Pride School, Nigdi received " Maharashtra's Top Dynamic School 2023 " award from Education Today News Network::City Pride School has won the prize of Rs.50,000 as second runner up in the prestigious Seed The Future Entrepreneur Challenge at national level::Once again City Pride Group of Schools finds itself on the pedestal of the prestigious Times School Survey of best school in two categories, "Highest parent satisfaction" and gets the title as " Next Generation school "::City Pride School team of students won "Seed the future entrepreneurs" competition and bagged a prize money of Rs.75000 ::City Pride School, Nigdi has won Sustainability Award of US$ 2500 ( approx. ₹190000) in an International Competition addressing Sustainable development goals. Our school project, named YUGMA is one among 17 International winners


I was happy to visit the school today, I am impressed by the work done here for holistic development of the students. Along with curriculum the school undertakes problem solving, sensitivity, counselling, etc. seriously. I particularly liked the Skills lab, Soft skill Department, E-Learning facilities, Animation lab, Library etc.
Additional Commissioner, Education

School, childhood, innocence, sincerity…. I just inhaled oxygen today. Thank you !!
Dr. Salil Kulkarni (Music composer, singer and author)

I visited an initiative driven school today and was awestruck by the Art room, Discovery Room, Activity Room, etc. students are given various experiences to develop their latent talents and all teachers and the management strive towards the holistic development of students. Here students participate in scholarship exams as well as other competitions. I wish everyone the best.
Administrative Officer

I visited school today for educational purpose. A transport committee meeting was arranged for which all members were present. All committee members were intimated about the work to be done. Overall, the school, its classes, and its decorations are very good. Students avail different rooms for art, music, drama, etc. State of art facilities are provided. School record is good.
Mr. Pradeep Shinde, Education Coordinator, PCMC.

The school is very good. The efforts taken to teach concepts and for overall development of school are noteworthy.
Mr. Sangram Jagtap, RTO Inspector.

It was really a pleasure to visit City Pride School, Ravet. There is a balanced mixture of academics sports, performing arts aptly combined with Indian Sanskar. This will produce not only good citizen but respnosible once too. A great contribution to the Society.
Dr. Arvind Natu, IISER

We are glad to inform you that Aditi has secured the admission in IIT Bombay. I would like to take this opportunity to thank entire CPS school management, Teachers and staff members who have been instrumental in developing right qualities, soft skills and thorough understanding of all the subjects for Aditi and shaping her personality over the years. I am thankful particularly to Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni Madam for her visionary decisions in transforming the lives of students studying at the CPS. The farsightedness that she has been adapting by exposing students for competitive environment is unparalleled. I believe the choice of right school is so very important for brighter future for kids. We chose City Pride School which transformed Aditi through timely interventions since the time she was barely able to walk and talk. At this point I feel our decision to opt for CPS for our kids stand truly fulfilled. Kavita and me are indebted to CPS for shaping Aditi for future which helped her immensely in her academics and helped her weather the highly competitive world outside. As a parent I am so proud of Aditi to realise the dream which once I dreamt of for myself. I am sure with this milestone she would be successful in every walk of her life. Kindly convey this to the entire CPS family.
Ramdas Salunke(Vice President, Service & Marine Alfa Laval India Private Ltd.

For last 1.5 hours I have had the pleasure of visiting the school with Ashwini Madam and Deepali Madam. It was like going down the menory lane and remembering my own school days. I must say , City Pride is indeed a school with a difference. With the leadership full of passion, they are able to teach creative things to students and give them hands on experience in fields like electronics , robotics, fashion design, animation etc.
Students having been exposed to 3 things at a young age will not carry any mental blocks and I am sure will appreciate these fields when they will pursue them in future.
My best wishes for the wonderful work that the school is doing. Have learnt so much in these 1.5 hours and have really got inspired to do better things at my own endevour. Thanks and best wishes City Pride
Vaibhav Bakliwal.
Owner, bakliwaltutorials-IIT

On Friday 20th December 2019, I visited City Pride School .The school was working in good manner. Lucky Draw program for LKG was conducted. In the school students are interested in each and every facilities.Teachers are hard working and contribute in the development of the students.
The school takes immense efforts to develop the different skills in students that are making them all rounder in every area. Students and parents are satisfied and happy with the school.
I wish the school all the best in future also.

Mrs. Memane (Supervisor PCMC)

I, Dr Aniruddha Tongaonkar, am very lucky to have City pride school in our vicinity. My both the kids are taking education from it and have been hugely benifited by it. The school has perfectly arranged program for the complete development of the child. By complete, means all the fascets of personality development are taken into account.
As a result the school has a very good academic program. It has many meritorious achievement in academic field. Also it has good sports facilities, library, arts and music classes, food, transport and so on. All the teachers r experts in the field with very much needed personal rapo with the students.
The school also must get applauds for the excellent handling of the unusual situation of the lockdown. It has conducted on line teaching very nicely keeping its students updated. All in all a very good institute, very well run by high quality management. All the very best to City pride school.
Dr Aniruddha Tongaonkar (Parent, CPS Nigdi)

I would sincerely like to express my gratitude to the entire CPS team for conducting the online classes in such an organized and systematic way. My daughter is in class 8th Courage. When the school begins in the morning, I have seen that our dear teachers start teaching with so much enthusiasm that it actually lifts up not only hers but my spirits too. I can understand that the teachers must be really burdened with their domestic responsibilities and in addition due to this pandemic situation, without any maids also. But I never seen them frowning or in damp spirits. Hence I think it is my responsibility as a parent to appreciate the great work done by our teachers. They also keep the students motivated so my daughter really looks forward to the classes. Also the 10 minutes break after every class gives them time to rest their eyes and move around before the next lecture. So I would like to convey to you that we are really happy with this mode of teaching till the school reopens physically. Although the children miss their school a lot, this is a great way to learn and also be connected with their school. Hence I would like to thank each one of you for making this a success.
Geeta Lele.(Parent, CPS Nigdi)

As a parent we are very proud that our daughter Anvi Aher studies in City Pride School, Moshi. Not because it has all the infrastructure and resources but hard work, passion and integrity the management and teachers show everyday. Due to this covid pandemic, as a parent, we can see and hear it daily through online classes. Not only this they try to embed these qualities in each and every child. The planning of each day in advance with small activities to develop the personality of the child along with the curriculum is just outstanding. These little things and virtues are uncommon these days. Also emphasis on Indian and other traditions are also applaudable. Finally we would like to say this is the only school we would prefer our child to study.
Reshma & Vinayak Aher.(Parent, CPS Moshi)

I am sharing my feedback regarding school.
My child is with this school for 2 years and i am really happy to see visible progress. Teachers are very supportive ,co-operative and student friendly. Initially my child was very shy and introvert type. Now she has nicely improved in speaking,reading & writing.
And the school management is very transparent and co operative.Overall best school for my child.
Piyali Kar (Parent, CPS Moshi)

We feel happy to say that we have joined our kid in a top school of PCMC . School infrastructure is awesome when compared to other schools. We highly appreciate all the teachers and management for all the power, inspiration, dedication and encouragement. We are grateful for their efforts. Personal attention of the teacher to all the students is appreciable. The school does not focus only on academics but also other activities like sports,games, art & craft etc. We see a lot of improvement in our kid in terms of his attention towards studies and communication. We are glad that our kid enjoys joining online classes and activities daily and we keep hearing nice things about the school from him.
We wish great success ahead for the school.
Kameswar Sahoo / Sujata Sahoo

I would like to thank all teachers, Principal and other staff members of City Pride School Moshi. You all are doing great job by providing quality education to my son.
Even in this pandemic, all staff is putting best efforts to provide great learning experience. Also I appreciate all of you for including extra curriculum activities like Virtual Picnic, Cooking without Fire, alphabets making with clay , Karadi Path, and many mores.
Appreciate all of you and keep it up!
Best Luck to All!
Harsha Amit Lagad (Parent, CPS Moshi)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank school team members for nurturing our ward. We really appreciate your efforts for providing quality education and moulding her towards the path which surely will lead to success. It's a previledge to get education in City Pride Moshi School.Thanks for planting the seeds of knowledge.
Ashwini Sutar (Parent, CPS Moshi)

We are very pleased and thankful for the online sessions being conducted for my ward. Through these classes, he is able to grasp the concepts very easily and gets his doubt cleared without any hesitation. My son loves school, and enjoys every day and looks up to his teachers.
Very good efforts by teachers and school staff indeed !!
We are very grateful for you.
Deepak Kumar (Parent, CPS Moshi)

, As parents, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and most importantly patience. We have witnessed massive development in my daughter with regards to her confidence and her interest in co-curricular and curricular activities. She is so blessed to have teachers who have taken an extra step to ensure that the children learn the importance of exercise and physical fitness even on a virtual platform.
Thanks for your endurance, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion you provide each and every day. My daughter feels very comfortable and she tries to follow her teacher as a role model at home.
Mihita Champaneria (Parent, CPS Moshi)

We feel blessed that our child got admission to class 5 in the City Pride School, Moshi. In my opinion it is one of the best schools in the area. In fact, I'm grateful to the teaching staff, office staff and Ashwini Kulkarni ma'am, who have taken tremendous efforts to conduct the online classes in the best possible manner even during a corona pandemic situation.
The MS Team's platform used by the school provides an efficient and professional way of conducting the classes. Teachers explain the concepts very well, exams and class tests are timely conducted. Discipline is great in this school and focus is on overall development of the child be it, studies, sports, physical or extracurricular activities.
I especially like the yoga and physical activities conducted before the start of the class. This rejuvenates the children for the day’s activity. School even conducted the virtual field trip so that students do not feel left out during the corona pandemic lockdown.
I appreciate the enthusiasm with which teachers help students prepare themselves for various competitions such as IMO, ICO, UCO, NSTSE, IPM, Maharashtra State Scholarship exam. School also conducts IQube classes which helps students develop metal, mathematical and analytical skills. PTM and connect sessions with parents are conducted at regular intervals for any feedback and improvements.
One again I’m grateful to CPS, Moshi school for putting in their sincere efforts in all round development of my child.
Arvind Kumar Gupta (Parent, Moshi Branch)

We thank City Pride School for their recent donation to Anandashram foundation. It has proved to be a great help not only for the organization but also has brought a big smile on or kids face.
The repeated support from students, teachers and workers has played a key role in our success in accomplishing our organization’s goals.
I, once again would like to thank you whole heartedly for your generosity. We believe that you will continue supporting our foundation in future also.

Dear City Pride Parivar
Excellent team work and keep it up!
Special thanks for the successful conduct of subject specific 2 days CBSE training for Class XII English Core Teachers of state of Maharashtra.
Thanks to Director Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni and Principal Mrs. Maya Sawant and her team.
We wish all the best to the school and its staff.
Dr. G. Manulal, Advisor (Training ), CBSE, COE Pune

I am very impressed with fine work that the children are doing. They well in that way presence the Indian arts and handicraft in the future.
Carlos Chin Cole, Peru

I really appreciate the efforts taken by school for this portal. Thats a smart way of paying online fees.
Nitya Garg

The online school payment through TopSchool Interactive Software is very useful. Thanks to the school management for this initiative.
Sourabh Shah

This is world of competitive examinations. As we all are aware everywhere students have to face the competitive examinations in each stage of life. Right from primary school to post graduate level. But to prepare for all the topics included in the competitive examinations is very difficult at home. Hence city pride school took initiative and started coaching for various examinations. Let me congratulate the school management for such an excellent decision. Last few years have given us excellent results in all the examinations for which coaching is done. Not only this, but students are showing keen interest in appearing for many such examinations, and doing exceedingly well. This is because they are into habit of detailed and conceptual learning. In the competitive examination coaching ,we always give more importance to the topics which are not included in their school curriculum. The team of city pride school teachers is very enthusiastic about the curriculum of these examinations. Everyone in the team is trying to give students more and more and they are eager to learn new things. Because of this atmosphere in the school, students appear for all the examination in their life with lot of confidence. I wish all the schools follow the pattern successfully.
Amita Pandit, Competitive Examination Coach

We are very fortunate to be able to educate him in such a noted and esteemed school. City Pride school believes in innovation and every year introduces new and better educational facilities for the children. The school helps the children to appear for the 4 th and 7 th scholarship exams. Even though the school is affiliated to the CBSE Board, it has gone out of the way to train the children for the Maharashtra Board scholarship exams.
The science projects made by the children were exhibited for all. The encouragement from the parents and teachers made the children feel appreciated.
The various extracurricular activities like dance, music, sports etc. and the participation in the various inter school competitions help the children to show-case their talents and build confidence in them
We would like to thank City Pride School for all the efforts they take for the overall growth and development of the children.
Mrs.Harshala Deo , Parent

I understand that the school has communicated all its eagerness to ‘REACH NEW HEIGHTS’ in education .
I must say that I am very impressed with this simple and yet very powerful articulation of the above goal. I believe that school has all the necessary ingredients required to make the education process successful in the school.
Mrs. Vijayamma S. Nair, Teacher - Arya Vidya Mandir, Pimpri

Simply fantastic !! Had I not visited this school , I feel , I would have lost the most amazing , worth remembering and ever lingering experience of my life. I wish good luck to all of you.
Mr. Hemant Sonalkar, Industrialist

CPS has a great collection of over 10000 books in the library for students and teachers. It is an excellent opportunity for students to inculcate the habit of reading and connects with the minds of great authors. The school management has given a lot of importance in maintaing a good collection of books and the requisite ambience in the library.
Mrs. Shaila Rao , Teacher

Every day , when our daughter Lavanya comes from school , she is really excited and has lot of things to share with us. It makes us sure every day that City Pride School is correct choice for our daughter
We respect and appreciate efforts with to the root thinking approach of the management to develop such environment that kids love to attend school and eagerly wait for Monday every weekend.
Deepa and Sachin Gambhire, Parent

Visiting your school was the most satisfying event of my 10 days visit to India.
Esperanza Kays Edison , NJ , USA
Exchange student from USA

Wonderful project ….. Enthusiastic people … Rare sight to see … I feel privileged to witness this school growing.
Dr. Shymala Vanarase , Veteran Educationist

This school is very different than any other school. It always thinks ahead of time. No comparison to this school in PCMC.
Mrs Nikam , Parent

Excellent Co-curricular Activities, field visits and cooperative staff, Very transparent and creative.
Sumita Bhattacharya , Teacher

As I rated this is really EXCELLENT school. We have almost 3+ year of association with the school as now my daughter is in UKG. In brief we would like to rate this school in below areas
Education quality - Excellent *****
Campus - Excellent *****
Teaching faculties - Excellent *****
School Management - Excellent *****
Other facilities like rating - Excellent ***** a. Breakfast b. Sports c. Cultural activities d. Bus Overall, I would like to say Thanks to the CPS management for providing best quality education to all the children.
Shree Muley, Parent

Value based education. Education here is a participative and collaborative activity. One of the best school.
Prasad Parchure, Parent

The infrastructure provided by school is near to perfect , only parking facility needs to be streamlined. Secondly, the syllabus included in curriculum like SOFT SKILLS , ANIMATION etc. Will allow students to develop their hidden potential and explore infinite possibilities in future . I am sure City Pride School will excel every year and reach new heights and make all those associated with the institute to be PROUD.
Bidhan Haldar, Parent

Best place to learn and acquire life skills. Best technology practices used in the school. It is one of the best school in Pune and PCMC area.
Sharvari Deshpande , Student

Proactive, Innovative, Considerate, Caring, Collaborative management style, Ideal environment for kids, right blend of academic, cultural, extracurricular activities focused on making kids independent and successful in their field of interest.
Ashish D. Shaha, Parent

A very good school building and campus which creates positive learning environment. Children are cheerful and well behaved , etiquettes and manners are well taught . The school gives emphasis on all round development of the child. Activities like dance , music , instrumental training are also included in the curriculum. Efforts of teachers are appreciable.
Mr. Dilip Band , Ex-Municipal Commissioner PCMC

It has an excellent management team, all teaching, non-teaching staff and the great ambiance. We as a parent feel very lucky to have this beautiful school for our daughter.
Thank you.
Vijay Bobade , Parent

A very good school, where each child is taken care of. Teachers and school management are easily accessible. The overall development of the child is taken care of and every child is encouraged to take part in different cultural ,social and educational activities.
Sanjeev Nair , Parent

I came to this school to be a part of the awareness program about SAFE celebration of festivals. The children were wonderful, very participative , well informed and enthusiastic . It was great experience to interact with such bright kids.
Vinita Khisty, CLR NGO Activist

It was a great pleasure to visit your campus. I wish I were a young student and could be admitted to your school it was a very fulfilling experience to sing here.
Ashwini Bhide Deshpande , Veteran Classical Singer

You have taken care to develop sports and physical activities in your school immensely. I observed enthusiasm and discipline among your children. Thanks for inviting me on 59th Republic day function.
Hon Captain B . Y. Akotkar
1964 Tokyo Olympian